When is Memorial Day 2018

Monday, 28 May

Every person in a country is living a safe and secure life because of the army who is saving our lives by putting their own lives in a risk. All Soldiers fights in the battle for their country and some of them lose their life for securing us. The soldiers who died for us are given honor and an award to their family by the military. But, what we the common people do for them. we can’t do anything for them but we can at least pray for them. A day known as Memorial Day is celebrated in U.S.A for remembering the people who died for saving us. When is Memorial Day: 28th May 2018.

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Memorial Day is a holiday for united states people for remembering the people who died while serving in the country’s military. Memorial Day is also called as ‘decoration day’ and it falls on last Monday of May. It is celebrated to honor the men and women who died for the protection of their country. Now, we will discuss few points like why we celebrate this day, how to celebrate this day and what things can we do on Memorial Day.

Why We Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not celebrated by enjoying and going to picnic with our family. Rather than, it is celebrated by praying to God for their lives or going to the national movement of remembrance.

When is Memorial Day: 28th May 2018

How to Celebrate and What Things We can do on Memorial Day

1. Educating people-
We can show patriotism by telling old stories or glories to people about our soldiers and their sacrifices which are given by them to protect us.

2. Doing a house call-
We can also show our gratitude and kindness by calling the families for a meal who have lost a loved one due to war. By doing kind acts we can show our appreciation towards their loved one’s sacrifice.

3. By visiting Graves sites of soldiers-
This is the best way to celebrate Memorial Day. We can take our family on a trip for visiting graves of the died service members. We can also put some flowers on their graves or we can place a flag a little flag on their graves to honor them.

4. Participating in National movement of remembrance-
If we wanted to show respect for the died heroes make sure that our family should participate in the national movement of remembrance. This moment always happens on Memorial Day exactly at 3.00 pm and it lasts for one minute.

5. Donating funds to military or died heroes family-
This is also a good thing to do on Memorial Day. We can donate some amount of money to the military. This money will help them to give a good life to soldiers. We can also donate some amount of money to the sacrificing heroes family if the earning person of the family has died in the war. So, this small amount of money will help them very much in their bad time.

History of the Memorial Day

For about more than 150 years, American have gathered always to honor the sacrifice of those people who have died in the service of their country. The persons who have been killed in wars are honored on Memorial Day. The civil war has become one of the nation’s most solemn holidays. When is Memorial Day: 28th May 2018.

I would like to say that we can spend a short time of our daily life by participating in national remembrance for those people who have given their lives to protect us. A soldier is the only person who died for protecting us. We should never waste our when is Memorial Day holiday by spending our time with our family. We should think about the fallen heroes who have died for us. Many people use this holiday as their weekend Holiday but they don’t know that this holiday is given by the government for remembering the heroes who have died while serving our country army. At last, I will say that the person who died for us is always much greater than the person who helps us financially. The people who are having a shortage of money does not think that they can’t help the died heroes. They can also help them by just praying for their souls because praying for a person does not require any kind of work or money.

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