History of Memorial Day

“The stifled drum’s sad rolling “has beaten the soldier’s last-place tattoo. No more on life’s procession shall match that brave and fallen few.”, which is the history of memorial day.

As we commemorate the anniversary of the Civil War, we prepare to honor the gallant men and women who constructed the ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield. three years after the end of the Civil War, in 1868, Decoration Day was founded as a day for the nation to come together to decorate the mausoleums of veterans with blooms.

The first official observance was held at Arlington National Cemetery. The ritual took place on the veranda of the Arlington Mansion and was engaged in dignitaries such as General Ulysses Grant.

Flowers were spread on both Union and Confederate mausoleums in honor of the drop heroes.

The tradition of residence small-time American pennants atop each grave was initiated in this day, as well. It was not until after World War I, however, that the working day was expanded to honor those who died in all American crusades.

History of Memorial Day: Declaration

In 1966, President Lyndon Johnson declared that the official birthplace of Memorial Day be Waterloo, New York, where local Civil War ex-servicemen were reputation in 1866, 100 years earlier. This was considered to be the first formal, on-going, communitywide episode. In 1971, Congress declared Memorial Day a national holiday and residence it on the last Monday in May.

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