How to Celebrate Memorial Day

What is Memorial Day and how do Americans celebrate Memorial Day?

Well, if you asked your great-grandparents how to celebrate Memorial Day or maybe even your great-great-grandparents, they would probably answer something like this.

Grandma, How to Celebrate Memorial Day?

Well, my beloved, you realize, back in the day, it was called Decoration Day. That’s right. Why the mention? Right after the American Civil War, parties started decorating the graves of the soldiers who had lost their lives during the fight with blooms.

Nice, right? And Memorial Day didn’t become the official list until after WWII. Apparently, according to certain, the first time that someone started decorating the graves of the civil fight soldiers who had lost their lives during the course of its campaign was in 1861 in Warrenton, Virginia.

No, no, no.

Wait. Sorry. Sorry. I’ve never been great at geography. That’s Warrenton, Virginia.

So now you’re probably stimulated and you want to celebrate Memorial Day but you don’t know when it is.
Originally it was on May 30th and then individual reflected’ Hold on. If we move it to a Monday, then we’ll always have three days off in a row!

That’s amazing !’ Everybody loved that project and that’s why Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May. How is it celebrated, you ask?

Good inquiry! Well, there are all sorts of things that Americans do on Memorial Day. There are processions, there are barbecues.

A much of people inspect graveyards and monuments. And there’s another interesting knowledge on Memorial Day.

Can you guess what it is about? Do you think it is something that has to do with A, a special dish, B, exchanging endowments or C, the American flag?

It is C, the American Flag! That’s right, in the morning of Memorial Day, the flag is promoted all the way to the top of the staff and then lowered right away to the half-staff, where it stands until noon.

That is to commemorate the soldiers who lost their lives serving their country. At noon, the flag is invoked again to the top of the staff and that is to show the resolution of the living not to let the sacrifice of the soldiers be in vain. Pretty cool, uh?

That’s it. So, now you know how to celebrate Memorial Day and hopefully, you know a few more realities about it!